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I keep watching reality TV shows to avoid my depression

Yes really, I have been binge watching reality tv shows to avoid dealing with my own feelings of anxiety and depression. Recently I have been going through a tough time and to be honest Netflix was giving my anxiety. Seeing the "continue watching" for shows that I was watching with someone else just bring back really sad memories. (By the way, if anyone knows how to take off things off of your continue watching let me know!) I was trying to find something to watch and started a few shows but my mind races in a million directions (not a good thing at the moment) and I cannot seem to concentrate.

This is why I start binging really tv shows when I feel sad or anxious, because they are a good distraction and easy to watch. Things I love about reality tv shows: you get so into the drama without having to be involved so you can just sit back and watch, you can zone in and out of the tv show so its easy to watch and you don't miss anything too important that will greatly confuse you, and you can be easily entertained by the lives of people you will never ever meet.

Recently, Netflix (the Mexican version because I do live in Juarez) added the first few seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and since I had nothing else to watch, I decided to rewatch. I was starting to get really into it, but sadly there's only four seasons on Netflix, so I decided to start watching the Real Housewives of New York.

Reality tv is helping me deal with my anxiety and depression, wouldn't it be weird to say reality tv saved my life... Anyway, I want to know what you watch when you need a distraction, what helps you cope?


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