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Un poquito sobre mi

Hi everyone,

My name is Estefania and I am a recent master's graduate. You know, when I decided to get my master's I never thought that I would end my program right in the middle of a global pandemic that would make me figuring out my next step a lot harder. While I could have applied for a PhD to stay in school, I knew I shouldn't force myself to do something that I wasn't sure about. This means that now I have to literally figure out what to do with my life.

For a while now I have suffered from anxiety, I could go on for ages about what events have influenced this but I'll save that for my therapist. But speaking of therapy, I have to say that it has been one of the greatest learning experiences that I have encountered. Therapy has really helped me get to know myself better and to take care of myself. I do know, however, that dealing with my anxiety is a constant struggle that I haven't conquered, but slowly but surely I have gotten better at it.

For instance, here I am, finding a new outlet to both occupy my time and to help me talk about how I feel and what is working for me. There are a few other activities that I think have been helpful, and while I am no expert, I try my best.

So bear with me as I share a bit of everything with you and while I get the hang of this type of writing (don't judge I'm more comfortable writing an essay lol).

Lo unico de lo que estoy segura, es que no estamos solos.


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