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I’m back

It’s been so long, but I think it’s time I finally have the courage to write again. My life has been a roller coaster since I last wrote.

My family went through very difficult times Covid related and I’ve just been trying to adjust. I have been having a hard time coping and getting back to taking care of myself.

Let me catch you up on some of the more positive moments.

Panyflan, yes, that’s the name. I started to sell my own bread and it makes me feel so proud that I have been able to do this myself. I am finding comfort in taking some time to bake and just be with myself. You should go follow my Instagram, yes shameless plug, but it’s my baby.

My job, there was a while there when I was super scared about finding a good job and I can say I found it. While visa issues still scare me, I’m trying to enjoy the moment and worry about that later.

My mental health, yes I just said I’m still struggling, but let’s me honest, who isn’t? but I started taking antidepressants a few months ago and I can definitely say this was the best decision. While I still feel sad and down, I have been able to regulate my anxiety and I am proud to say I haven’t had a panic attack in months.

I‘m a plant and fishy mom! My plant collection has grown so much, I’ve learned about grow lights, pesticides, fungus gnats, a lot more and there’s still so much to learn. I also decided to get a betta because I need more connections to living things, apart from plants , and I love my betta Bloomy.

Talking about Bloomy, I am also in the process of creating aromatherapy products. I am a super super big fan of aromatherap, hence my love for baths and candles, and I want to create something that is mine. I’ll share more about the process, I promise.

I don’t think there’s much more to share but I do want to leave on a last note. Today I am making a promise to myself to start my journey, the journey to leave past toxic relationships and behaviors and learn to grow and love myself. I just want to make my mom, and my aunt and grandma proud. Acompañame en esta loca aventura.

Last last thing, the shirt I am wearing is from @wabisabi go check them out!


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